Public Safety
Photography Project

I decided to begin this photography project for a couple of reasons.  However, it ultimately stemmed from a recent social media sharing campaign to flood social media with photo posts of public safety professionals in uniform, then followed with notice that several public safety workers died from complications of COVID-19 infections.  I initially looked through my collection of old images from work, only to realize that after almost 17 years of full-time employment in public safety, I didn’t have a single quality in uniform photo to use to participate in the social media campaign.

My desire for this photography project is to provide quality images for public safety professionals to use for any non-commercial purpose. Weather that be for social media sharing, social media profile usage, to print an enjoy in their office or home, share with family members, or on other professional growth platforms. Any participation of both the studio and the participant is 100% voluntary and FREE OF CHARGE! This project is intended to capture images of public safety professionals in the elements they work in and around, primarily the vehicles used for response. However, this could also be work spaces such as dispatch centers.

Who Can participate?

Those who are 18 years of age and older and employed (or volunteer) for an Emergency Medical Service (Public or Private), Fire Departments (Public or Private), Police Departments, State or Federal Law Enforcement.

What’s the Catch?

 There isn’t really one!  Sign the model release to protect both parties, Participation is 100% voluntary for both the participant and the studio, I’ll work with participants directly to schedule time and location based on availability, all images will have copyright release for personal use.  Basically, the participant can do with them as they like so long as they do not used for commercial gain.

How do I participate?

Complete the form below our visit our Contact Us Page to request more information.